On Monday, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that as Apple looks to diversify its supply chain away from China, following a period of unreliable supply due to repeated Covid-19 lockdowns in the nation, it has begun to scale up its India-based manufacturing operations

Goyal noted the iPhone maker is looking to see India account for as much as 35% of its production, an increase from the current 5% to 7%. He went on to call Apple “another success story” as he laid out the reasons partnering with India was so advantageous to technology businesses.

Although he was not specific on Apple’s timetable for increasing its production, Goyal noted, “they launched the most recent models from India, manufactured in India.”

Apple had begun the production of the iPhone 14 last year in India, closer to the product’s launch date than ever before in history. iPhones have been being manufactured in India since 2017, initially with Winstron, and subsequently with Foxconn, the primary assembler of iPhones, all while comporting with the Indian government’s initiatives promoting local manufacturing.

On Monday, India’s Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw tweeted that India was now exporting $1 billion worth of Apple products.

Apple began its drive to diversify its supply chains away from China following major disruptions in production which arose at its iPhone manufacturing facility in Zhengzhou, when hundreds of workers launch protests that turned into violent riots over the facility’s Covid-19 rules.

Last September a JP Morgan analysis predicted that 25% of all Apple products would be manufactured in countries other than China by 2025. Meanwhile, Reuters reported last year that Foxconn was preparing to increase its workforce at the iPhone factory in India by a factor of four within two years.