On Wednesday, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union announced that 190 workers at the Alabama plant of supplier to Mercedes, ZF have gone on strike, seeking higher pay and better healthcare benefits.

The workers also want to eliminate the tiered system of wages, where newer workers get paid less for doing the same job as older workers.

ZF said while talks with the union continue, the plant will continue to operate. The plant makes the front axles used in Mercedes automobiles.

In a statement, a ZF spokesman said, “We remain committed to continuing negotiations in good faith and are hopeful that we can come to a resolution soon.”

UAW members are continuing to strike at three other plants which are run by the Detroit Three automakers, General Motor, Stellantis, and Ford Motor. The are looking to negotiate better contracts with the automakers.

In a statement, Mercedes Benz said only that it would monitor the situation.

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