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The purpose of this site is to document, with quickly presented data-points, how a single stimulus applied to our economy, travels through the various sectors of the economy and manipulates valuations of various entities in various business sectors. We will keep the documentation of these data-points short, so you may quickly process them and move on to your other regular paths of data gathering. Periodically we may do longer articles summarizing what has been learned or what can be surmised from the patterns we hope will become clear as we continue this process.

Eventually I am picturing a flowchart, beginning at Crude, and tracking the flow of the increased cost on one line into airlines, on another into shipping, on another into plastic manufacture, on another into fertilizer, and then tracking each onward into food-production and shipping, manufacturing and delivery, to retail, inflation, population-attitudinal shifts, war, defense contractors, government borrowing/spending, inflation, market volatility, the shift of capital into real estate and other inflation-resistant stores of value, and then the follow-on flowsheet, as inflation, expended savings, and debt-utilization culminates in reduced economic activity, which then reduces demand for products, and that stimulus follows on behind the initial mere rise in costs.

I suspect at some point, possibly in the near future, we will hear OPEC has just decided to begin pumping, refineries will begin to increase output behind the scenes, and we will watch as magically increased supply and reduced prices begin to flow down these same paths, producing the exact opposite effects. My guess is the decision’s timing will relate to the 2024 US Presidential election, though whether the hidden hand will have decided they want Biden to remain, or they want him removed, is entirely unknown to me at this point. We also have no idea who the hidden hand may be, and assume whoever they are, they have impossibly concealed themselves behind trusts, corporations, legal agreements, and other measures, to the point nobody will likely ever know who they are. All we really suppose it it is, a perhaps loosely-knit group, of extremely wealthy investors working together on a level far above all of us.

But it is the premise of the site is that there is a very powerful hidden hand of wealthy elites within the worldwide economy, which periodically create artificial changes in the prices of various commodities, as a way of creating predictable changes in market valuations they can profit from. Their profits come because those artificial changes in commodity prices will move in a predictable fashion through our economies, just like a surge in a stream will follow a specific, predictable path through a certain terrain, raising the level of the water at various places in a predictable fashion. If you can predict where the water will rise and when in the market, it can look like psychic ability, but it is just really a perceptive understanding of how the terrain guides the water, when it has been elevated in one place, and how fast it moves.

At some point in mid 2020, this site presupposes it was decided that energy prices would be artificially inflated, beginning in 2021. I can point to several places online, in mid 2020, where I highlighted news stories on events which were occurring, and said those stories could be consistent with very powerful market manipulators setting the stage to artificially elevate energy prices by increasing the price of a barrel of crude, and its refined products. Most of those stories involved tightening central control over production and refining, creating specific chokepoints in crude production and processing which could later be quietly tightened, without alternative sources available to loosen the supply.

I said at the time in several places that smart investors might pay heed to those stories and begin preparing for energy prices to rise, and for those effects to continue to move through the markets. Various methods were used to set the stage for this, though the methods are unimportant, and might even border on the conspiratorial, were we to go into them.

For some reason most investors would be hesitant to base investment decisions on the idea that ultra-wealthy investor groups might employ private sector versions of something akin to the CIA, likely even employing former CIA Officers who had moved into the private sector, to use the techniques of intelligence agencies to infiltrate, control, and manipulate market factors.

Whether you believe they might or would not is immaterial anyway. In 2021 energy prices began to skyrocket. This offers us here a chance to now document in real time, with real mainstream news sources, how simply raising the cost of energy by constraining the supply of crude oil and its refined products will produce follow-on effects, as the increased costs of that more expensive energy ripple throughout the markets, raising the costs of everything from transportation to fertilizer production, passing into food supply and even individual political mood.

We can now see in real time how those rising energy costs will move through the economy, affecting one business sector after another. I would even make the case that you could simply raise energy prices, and then presuppose there would, in sufficient time, even arise war and unrest, which would produce a predictable rise in the stocks of defense contractors and weapons makers, simply due to attitudinal shifts that will occur in populaces around the world, and the willingness of warmongers to exploit those shifts with appropriate political contributions to the right political leaders willing to wage those wars for them. If you know that is possible ahead of time, and then see these conditions arise, and the war drums begin beating, you will be far ahead of the average investor, who will only react to such events after they occur.

It is the premise here that all of this is predictable. Had this work already been done, then the instant it became obvious the stage was being set for a rise in energy prices, all of the subsequent changes in market valuations would have been predictable, and could have been capitalized upon by the average investor. You could have broken out your flowsheet, determined what signs you would look out for to specifically time your moves, and then profited on event after event.

It is here we hope to begin to characterize these mechanisms and pathways, and create that flowsheet. In that way, investors of the future might be able to better invest their resources, and secure their futures, and their family’s futures, in such dangerous times.

All material here is gathered for retrospective reference purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice. Any conclusions drawn from this research are purely for intellectual/historical purposes, and do not constitute advice or counsel to invest in any entity.

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