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For unknown reasons, Amazon notified this site out of the blue its associate account was discontinued. In the letter it said it was for posting deceptive material regarding Amazon products in its links, and then it pointed to a search page of finance articles, which contained no Amazon links or related material. It offered a page to appeal this, and we appealed, but the appeal was not replied to.

This website is an eBay partner, and receives commissions from all of your Ebay purchases made through the link below, providing financial compensation from the Ebay Partner Network (EPN) for advising you to shop on Ebay and promoting Ebay’s auction website. All you have to do is click the link below before shopping at eBay, where you can buy just about anything at enormous discounts.:


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We may also recommend products throughout this site. Where we do we will remind potential buyers we may receive commissions from those sales.

Thank you for your purchases. Their funding allows me to run this website.

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